Other New Mexican Blogs

I'm very proud of New Mexico and what other New Mexicans are doing. These are some other food blogs here in New Mexico that I love to read whose authors are doing some great things!

  • Gil's Thrilling (and Filling) Blog
    (Gil reviews and gives tips on places to eat around Albuquerque and New Mexico. I often find new restaurants and dishes through his reviews.)
  •  Flippin' Delicious
    (Brianna live here in New Mexico and her blog focuses on gluten-free goodies that look and taste good! She has some wonderful gluten-free tips, which is a great resource for those that need to eat, cook, and bake gluten-free.)
  •  From My Southwest Kitchen
    (Geri lives here in Albuquerque and started her blog in 2010. She offers a variety of different recipes on her blog. She actually gave me one of my first awards for my blog!)
  • Juanita's Cocina
    (Jen is a native New Mexican who now calls Texas home, but chile still runs through her veins. She's a spirited gal who engages her readers with her stories and her love for food and family.)
  • MJ's Kitchen
    (MJ offers her recipes which are often comforting meals she creates for her and her husband. You can also find some New Mexican recipes on her site too.) 
  • Oh Bite It!
    (Amy creates ridiculously evil and scrumptious recipes, especially her desserts! I am constantly amazed by what she comes up with.)
  • Steph's Bite by Bite
    (Steph loves desserts, eating healthy, and working out and she shares with her readers recipes and workout tips.)

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  1. Thanks Darlin for finding me and giving me this shout out!!!!! Glad to have found you! I'm a new follower!



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