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Cream Cheese Banana Nut Bread

Banana Cream Cheese Bread Last week marked the end of my very short summer with having to return to graduate school. Because I took a summer class, I had only three weeks between classes. :-( Not only did I feel like I didn't have a break, my summer class was a 16-week graduate level class condensed into 8-weeks... 4 papers and a midterm and all of the insane amounts of reading! Talk about burnout. So, what did I do in order to skip having to take a summer class next year? I decided to take 3(!!!) graduate level classes this semester instead of my usual two classes, all while working full-time. And one of the classes is on Saturday mornings. Now, I don't know if this is the greatest idea but if I get through this semester, I won't have to take a summer class and still be on track to graduate Spring 2015. After this semester, I will be halfway through my Masters. :-) While I'm going to try and keep up with the blog, postings may be just as sporadic or more so dep

Trip to San Francisco, Napa, and Half Moon Bay!

I recently went to San Francisco and Napa for a birthday celebration with my mom. Our trip not only was for sightseeing and wine tours, but also dining at some incredible restaurants! I've neglected documenting all the incredible food I've had on my past vacations, so I took extra care to document all the wonderful places and meals that we had on our trip. If you ever are in the Bay Area, these are some wonderful suggestions for you! This is a very long post that is also really picture-heavy, but you're in for a special treat! R&G Lounge  (631 Kearny St  San Francisco, CA 94108) This is one of my family's all-time favorite places! My uncle Alan introduced my brother and me to this place nearly seven years ago and it's a place that he and his family like to take visitors from out-of-town. He's introduced my other cousins to this place as well. R&G's specialty is the salt and pepper crab, which is a whole crab battered in special spices and deep