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Bridal Shower Sugar Cookies

Pink and black wedding cake cookies!  My dear friend Jessica is getting married soon, so her family and I threw her a bridal shower this past weekend at my parents' house. One of my big projects was to do the party favors so, of course, I have to include some sort of yummy baked treat! I've never really had a completely successful result at attempting to make decorated sugar cookies before, so I thought that it was time to try again. With more patience. Hopefully. The color theme for Jessica's party is pink and black, so I thought that I'd make little wedding cake shaped cookies with soft pink icing and black polka dots.  Instead of using the recipes that I already have and scouring the web looking for new recipes, I thought that I would use ones that others have found successful. I ended up using Dorie Greenspan's sugar cookie recipe and the Brown Eyed Baker's royal icing recipe, both I thought had great results. I was apprehensive about th

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies I originally saw these cookies on Chrissy's So Delushious blog, but are originally from another fabulous blog that I love called Picky Palate . These massive cookies looked so incredible, I decided to make them right away for my friend Jessica's family's party despite being specifically asked to make their favorite dessert, lemon bars. ;-) I stayed true to the original recipe, though my cookies spread out a little more than I wanted which may be due to the high altitude here in Albuquerque. I added more flour after testing out a couple cookies, but that didn't help too much. Next time, I may try to adjust the entire chocolate chip cookie recipe for the high altitude. One thing that I did do that I noticed helped the cookies from spreading out too much, was to use less cookie dough on the bottom portion of the cookie as well as the sides. That also gave me more cookies. :-) Close-up! I wasn't too sure ho

It began with snickerdoodles...

I thought that it would be appropriate for the very first post of this blog to be the very first thing I ever made, which was snickerdoodles. When I was eight years old, my third grade class compiled all of our mothers' favorite recipes and turned them into a cookbook to give to our mothers for Mother's Day. I don't remember any of the recipes, except the snickerdoodle recipe because it was the only recipe that my mom allowed me to make. I'm pretty picky when it comes to snickerdoodles, which I attribute to this recipe. Because this was the first snickerdoodle that I ever ate, a real snickerdoodle must look and taste like these cookies. For me, snickerdoodles MUST be cracked and they MUST be rolled in cinammon sugar. Also, I normally don't like shortening in cookies, I usually believe that you have to use butter but, for me, shortening must be used in these cookies. I don't have any justification for any of this reasoning, it's just the way it is. Y