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Greek Pork Chops with Zucchini and Feta (#thebookclubcookbookCC)

We are already in our 4th month of The Book Club Cook Book Cooking Crew! The premise of this cooking crew is that each month a different blogger will host a different month and choose a book where other bloggers will participate by making and creating dishes inspired by the book. This month is being hosted by Wendy from A Day in the Life on the Farm , who chose "Three Junes" by Julia Glass.  "Three Junes" is three different yet interconnected stories spanning three different Junes and are through the perspective of a different person with each story/June. Ashamedly, I have not yet finished reading the book but am about halfway through. I am conflicted about some characters, especially the mother in this book, I have to reserve any final judgement until I actually finish the book. There are a lot of different food and dishes talked about in the book; among them are Dennis' creations which sounded amazing and I thought about doing a version of one of his

Pineapple Upside-Down Hummingbird Pound Cake

Today I am featuring a Pineapple Upside-Down Hummingbird Pound Cake from a fellow blogger, Jocelyn Delk Adams from Grandbaby Cakes , who just published her first cookbook! Jocelyn is one of my favorite bloggers who is as sweet as can be and is always publishing mouth watering recipes on her blog. I cannot wait to BAKE my way through her cookbook-- it's fabulously filled entirely with cake recipes! One of my favorite things that I love about Jocelyn is that she created Grandbaby Cakes as a tribute to her grandma, who is known for making incredible cakes. This touches my heart because my blog's name is a homage to my own grandmother whose recipes (and recipes inspired by her) I've featured on my blog. We lost my grandma this summer, so my blog's tribute to her is extra special. As I mentioned above, Jocelyn's cookbook is filled entirely with cake recipes and is separated into sections by type of cake: bundt cakes, sheet cakes, layer cakes, etc. She offers sev

Green Chile and Garlic Dip

This Green Chile and Garlic Dip brought to you in part by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser to help you make fun tailgate recipes and bring you easy clean up ideas! As always, the recipe and opinions in this post are my own. #GameTimeClean #CollectiveBias One of our favorite past-times is tailgating, whether it's before a football game or after one of Joe's old softball games. And, of course, one of the things I am always in charge of is bringing food. While I love to bring desserts, I am sharing with you one of our favorite recipes that I love to make. While I've done several different versions, of this recipe, but this particular recipe has managed to be one of our favorites! It's creamy, smoky, a little spicy, with a hint of garlic! The last time I made this dip, I used fresh green chiles that I just bought that morning. I bought an entire sack of chile and placed it on the counter when I got home so that I could peel and seed them. The natural juices

Coke Cake (+ A Lesson Before Dying Recipe Round-up (#thebookclubcookbookCC)

Welcome to the round-up of recipes for this month's The Book Club Cook Book Cooking Crew! I was hoping to get this post up for you all yesterday, but that didn't happen so this post is a day late. There were some wonderful recipes in my month of hosting The Book Club Cook Book Cooking Crew as we work our way through The Book Club Cook Book by either reading selections, making recipes from the book, or making recipes inspired by the book. This month was my turn to host and I chose "A Lesson Before Dying" by Ernest J. Gaines, who is one of my favorite authors. This is book is a heart-wrenching and an uncomfortable book to read. Many people who participated read the book or may have read the book in the past, so I hope they liked this book selection. There were so many southern inspired recipes, I was delighted to see what everyone made and the creative twists they took! Please see below for a round-up of recipes and a little information on what each of these bl