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Strawberry Shortcake Spritzers

Strawberry Shortcake Spritzer Meet my new favorite drink, Strawberry Shortcake Spritzer! We made these drinks for a party Joe's mom threw for his brother's family because they're moving away soon. This recipe came about as an adaptation of a Strawberry Shortcake Martini because 1) Joe's sister and I were struggling with shaking the mixture with our homemade martini shaker (I forgot to bring one... oops) and 2) the actual martini was too syrupy. I should add that we ended up receiving help making these drinks and Sprite was then added.  Everything was pretty comical. The drinks, however, I think ended up being very cute and delicious. The Sprite adds a little more of a refreshing feel as well, which is great now that the weather is getting hot. I actually ended up making these drinks again the next day for my family's Sunday dinner and my family absolutely loved them! When I re-made this recipe the second time, I actually scrapped the martini shaker all toget

Frozen Key Lime Margarita Pie

Frozen Key Lime Margarita Pie It's already the next month for the Pass the Cook Book Club. This month is a fun month because it combines desserts, alcohol, and frozen treats! The three selections this month were recipes from the cookbook Slushed , which contains some fun grown up frozen treats. If you know me, then you know that my favorite alcoholic drink is a margarita, so naturally I chose the Frozen Key Lime Margarita Pie. Although my second drink of choice when I go out is a rum and diet, so I almost made the Cuba Libra Granita (a cuba libra is essentially a rum and coke served with lime) but a good margarita will always win! This recipe is definitely an easy one and is refreshing for a hot summer day. If you forget to make the pie the day before to freeze overnight, no worries-- I made mine around noon and it was ready to serve around 6! I made just a few changes to the recipe. Three cups of graham cracker crumbs seemed like a lot, so I reduced it to two sleeves of

Queso Macaroni and Cheese

Queso Macaroni and Cheese I was contacted recently by Latina Bloggers Connect and Real California Milk to create an original recipe using Real California Cheese. California is the number one dairy state in the United States and the number one producer of Hispanic dairy products in the United States. This recipe was both fun and challenging at the same time, and the end result was AWESOME! One of my good friends, Lisa, makes the absolute best queso. Seriously, no other queso compares to her recipe; it's one of the best things ever. Others who have had it would definitely agree! I decided to adapt the flavors of Lisa's queso into a macaroni and cheese recipe but using Hispanic cheeses. That way you get the flavors of her queso, but in a pasta dish! It came out so delicious! It really tastes like we were eating her queso by the spoon, it was that good. Joe even served himself three whole bowls in one sitting, so you know it had his approval. I was so thrilled by the offer

Kahlua Flan

Kahlua Flan Happy Cinco de Mayo! I have such a great recipe that I've been waiting to share with you and I figured that Cinco de Mayo would be the perfect day. I originally made this back in the fall, but the lighting was so bad I wanted to wait to remake the recipe with better photographs. Last year, my friend Maryann and I went to this fairly new restaurant here in Albuquerque called Zacatecas . After our meal, we split a Kahlua Flan dessert that was absolutely divine! It wasn't as egg-y as most flans, but had a more dense and creamy texture to it that I loved. I originally made  Emeril Lagasse' s Kahlua Flan recipe to create this flan, but it was more of an egg-y flan than the creamy flan that I was looking for. Recently, I found Jam Hands ' creamy flan recipe and decided to combine her recipe with Emeril's to mimic what I had at Zacatecas. This flan is wonderful and I love the texture of it. The hint of Kahlua in the flan is great, and the Kahlua is