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Chocolate Chunk Blondies

Chocolate Chunk Blondies Because I missed last month's Pass the Cook Book Club post, I made extra sure this month that I was able to participate. I was super disappointed in missing last month because the cook book chosen was Bobby Flay and hamburgers-- love Bobby Flay and love hamburgers, so I really wanted to participate last month but it just didn't work out. One of the things I love about this book club is that even if I don't have time to make any of the options given, I still get to see some wonderful blog posts and receive some wonderful recipes that I get to save in hopes of making them one day! This month's cook book pick was Ina Garten's "Foolproof: Recipes You Can Trust" and Jen from Juanita's Cocina chose three terrific looking recipes this month-- gazpacho, ribs, and blondies. I had a hard time choosing between the ribs and the blondies, but the blondies ended up winning because it's easier to make and you know I love desserts

Avocado Salad with Strawberries and Blueberries

I was recently contact be Latina Bloggers Connect and Avocados from Mexico to make a special post using avocados. I spent several nights not being able to sleep trying to think of all the different things that I can do and alternatives if they don't work out, but then if occurred to me that I should share with you my favorite avocado salad recipe! Awhile back, my brother brought over a recipe for avocado salad that he wanted my mom to make for our Sunday get together. It was a simple recipe with avocados, strawberries, and a light dressing. It sounded so odd, I originally didn't think it would be very good but the flavors were wonderful together and my family makes the salad often now! Over time, I've changed the recipe to fit my tastes which is reflected below. (The original recipe didn't include blueberries and used pistachios instead of pine nuts.) Last time I made this, Joe said, "We should eat this all the time and it's super healthy too."

Red White and Blue Cheesecake Cupcakes (Strawberry and Blueberry)

Red White and Blue Cheesecake Cupcakes Happy 4th of July! Okay, one day late but you know how it goes. :-) How did you spend your 4th of July? We went to my brother's girlfriend's family BBQ yesterday. They initially were going to have it in the mountains, but because we're in such a severe drought, they closed all the picnic areas for the holiday to help prevent fires. So we ended up at Tiff's sister's apartment complex where they had an amazing BBQ/pool area. The BBQ area was set up like an outdoor kitchen, complete with a fridge and sink. If I ever get an outdoor kitchen, it would look very similar to that. It was very impressive! So we had massive amounts of BBQ and spent a lot of time in the pool (complete with sunburns to prove it!). It was a very fun celebration! Tiff and I are even thinking of possibly doing another BBQ/pool get together for our birthdays next month. :-) These lovely and festive cupcakes were my contribution to the BBQ yesterday. I

Fluffernutter Rice Krispie Treats

Fluffernutter Rice Krispie Treats My brother makes fun of me because I make so many peanut butter desserts. And he says I go through phases where I make one peanut butter dessert after another. Apparently he is right and the past two posts kind of attest to that. I absolutely love peanut butter and I didn't realize that there are several people who cannot stand peanut butter... what??? To me peanut butter is a staple and very "American"! So I apologize to all the peanut butter haters for my current peanut butter phase! :-) These rice krispie treats are a triple threat, seriously. There's peanut butter in the actual rice krispie mixture, it's topped with melted Reese's peanut butter morsels, and more topping of mini Reese's peanut butter cups. This is a Reese's lovers DREAM! No surprise that one of my favorite candies are Reese's, so when I discovered this recipe, I knew I would love these! And they taste just as good as they look!! Every