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Spanakopita Casserole #thebookclubcookbookCC

We are finally at a close to this year-long culinary journey for The Book Club Cookbook Cooking Crew! For this past year, a different blogger each month chose a book for other bloggers to create and post a recipe inspired by the selected book. For our final month, our event hostess, Camilla over at  Culinary Adventures with Camilla  chose  Corelli's Mandolin  by Louis de Bernières. Since starting and finishing graduate school, I found myself with little energy and time to read which is pretty unfortunate because reading has always been one of my favorite things to do. So I was thrilled when I was invited to participate in this event. Even though reading the books were optional, I tried to read as many of the books that I could and am thankful to have been introduced to some great novels and bloggers! This final month, I decided to try my hand at making spanakopita as suggested by The Book Club Cookbook. I adore spanakopita and have always wanted to try making it. Well. It

Lavender Shortbread Cookies (#UnearthedParty)

I was invited to participate in the #UnearthedParty  by the authors of The Book Club Cook Book where bloggers get to review and feature recipes inspired by Alexandra Risen 's memoir called "Unearthed: Love, Acceptance, and Other Lessons from an Abandoned Garden." This memoir features two things, the uncovering of her family's history and the uncovering of a secret garden in her newly bought house in which she interweaves the two very well, I thought. Each chapter has a featured plant that goes along with the story and a recipe for the plant at the end of the chapter, like tisane, seaweed, and sour cherries. Because I live in New Mexico and combined with a limited knowledge of plants and gardening, I found myself so intrigued learning about new plants and uses for them. And although I live in the desert, I'm very much a city girl who has been longing for her own vegetable garden and this memoir has made me want all the more to have a green thumb. For