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Bailey's Ice Cream Sandwiches (with Bailey's Cookies and Bailey's Ice Cream)

Bailey's Ice Cream Sandwiches Happy St. Patty's Day! I have a wonderful boozy dessert for you to help celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I originally wanted to do a series of boozy Irish recipes, but of course I was scrambling just to get this one recipe posted on the holiday! When I was thinking of what dessert to make, I immediately thought of using Bailey's Irish Cream. Bailey's is probably my favorite Irish liquor. It's sweet, so it goes great with desserts and with girly drinks! So using Bailey's for this dessert was a no brainer. I decided to combine two separate Bailey's dessert recipes, a cookie recipe and an ice cream recipe. Because the alcohol cooks out, the alcohol doesn't hit you in the face like you might think but it still has the flavor of the liquor. The Irish cream flavor in the cookies in very subtle, but is pronounced in the ice cream. The cookies and the ice cream go great together, but they're equally as wonderful on the