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Portabello Breakfast Cups

Portabello Breakfast Cups I was sent an e-mail earlier this month by Latina Bloggers Connect to participate in their #ILoveAvocados Avocados from Mexico holiday campaign. With Christmas right around the corner and families gathering together and celebrate the holidays, they asked bloggers to create a new recipe or share a family or traditional recipe with your readers as well as your favorite holiday traditions. Every family is different in their traditions and sometimes they change. Because I'm young, my family traditions have changed over the years. My brother and I are older and moved out of the house. Our family has grown to include our significant others and we both split our time with their families as well. My favorite family tradition was when I was young and my family would drive around on Christmas Eve looking at Christmas lights (usually a wealthy neighborhood or one with the most lights). When we came back home, Santa would have visited while we were away

Heath Bits Peanut Butter Cookies

Heath Bits Peanut Butter Cookies Today is a very special post because this year I signed up for the The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swa p! Not only did I send out three dozen of these yummy cookies to three different bloggers, I received three dozen delicious different cookies from three different bloggers. And this cookie swap helped to benefit Cookies for Kids' Cancer ! This was such a positive experience, the hardest part of deciding on a recipe to make! I didn't want to make cookies that went stale quickly or that would break in the shipping process (and I hope that these cookies did none of that!). I decided on these Heath Bits Peanut Butter Cookies, which I've been making the past several years. This recipe combines two of my favorite things, peanut butter cookies and toffee. This combines sweet and salty cookies with sweet and salty candies, so if you're into that flavor combination I think you would really love these cookies. Please see below who I sent

Dilly Parmesan Chicken

Dilly Parmesan Chicken Hello! I'm back and have nearly survived my first semester of grad school! I actually have to finish my last final, which is due Monday but I'm taking a break from it for the rest of the evening. My goal is to finish tomorrow before I go to my parents' for dinner and before work on Monday so I don't have to take time off work and stress about it. Fingers crossed! And cross your toes that my grades come back good!! Then I'll have a month off from school and I have several recipes lined up to post! I am sharing one of our favorite dishes with you today! I like the fact that this dish takes only minutes to prepare before it goes in the oven and the end result is very impressive. (To me this also means I can clean or prepare the side dish or study.) The first time I made this dish, Joe said it was delicious, which is a rare term he uses so this was a huge compliment. And he didn't catch himself before he could take it back! I origina