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French Raspberry Tart (#Pieathalon)

I was thrilled to be invited to participate in this year's 5th Annual Pieathalon! The premise of this Pieathalon is to make recipes from cookbooks that were published before 1990. I loved the challenge of not only being assigned a random recipe, but also the challenge of finding a cookbook pre-1990 as well as a recipe that I think would be translate well and interesting to modern eaters in order to submit for someone to be assigned to make and post. I have only a couple cookbooks that were published pre-1990, but I decided on my Grandma Veronica's The Pillsbury Family Cookbook which was published in 1963-- the recipe,  Frosty Vanilla Pie , was assigned to the Battenburg Belle if you want to check it out at her blog! The recipe that I was selected to make was French Raspberry Pie from The New York Times Cookbook, published in 1961, selected by Wendy from A Day on the Life at the Farm . When I decided to make the recipe, I was a little concerned that the custard may