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Easy Homemade Pie Crust (Step-by-Step Photo Guide!)

Homemade pie crust

Homemade pie crust. It's seriously one of my favorite things! I used to be so intimidated by homemade pie crust that it took me years to attempt. My first couple attempts weren't that great, but with a couple shortcuts and a forgiving recipe, I haven't used store-bought pie crust in a few years.

When I say forgiving recipe, this recipe truly is forgiving. When I started out making this crust years ago, I wasn't able to roll it out the way I'd like, so eventually I'd end up slapping it into the pie pan and frustratingly working out the dough with my fingers to form a crust. And every time it worked out fine.

Now that I have my own way of rolling out the crust, pie crust is a lot more easy for me. So, here, I offer you my pie crust recipe. All you need are the ingredients as well as a food processor (I only have a mini one and it works perfect!), saran wrap, a rolling pin, and a pie plate! I'm including step-by-step pictures that will hopefully guide you a little more to how I make my pie crust.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

PS - Yes, that is a snow cone machine (a birthday gift from my boyfriend!) and an ice cream maker that you see on my counter! :-)

1. Add 1 1/4 c. flour

2. Add 1 tsp. salt

3. Pulse until well combined

4. Add 1/2 c. of cold butter, cut into cubes

5. Pulse again until it looks like coarse cornmeal

6. Add 2-3 Tbs of cold water (2 works perfect for me)

7. Pulse until the dough comes together and a ball forms

8. Place dough in center of plastic wrap

9. Fold over sides of plastic wrap to cover dough
10. Wrap up dough

11. Form dough into a disk (about 4-5 inches in diameter)
12. Chill wrapped dough in fridge for 30 min to an hour

13. Re-fold the plastic to create a square, but dough still inside

14. Roll dough out creating a large disk (keep between plastic)

15. Unfold top portion of plastic wrap

16. Place dough upside down in pie plate so that the plastic is on top

17. Remove plastic from the dough

18. Fold edges of dough over

19. Crimp edges of dough to form a pretty crust

Easy Homemade Pie Crust

1 1/4 c. all-purpose flour
1 tsp salt
1/2 c. butter, cubed and chilled.
2-3 Tbs cold water

Place the flour and salt in the food processor, then hit the pulse button a couple times. Add in the cubes of butter, then press the pulse button until you get a cornmeal-type consistency. Add 2 Tbs of cold water, then turn on the processor until a ball forms. If the dough isn't coming together, add in another 1 Tbs on water.

Once the dough forms into a ball, take a long strip of saran wrap and place the dough in the middle. Fold sides over dough and press the dough down to create a disk about 4-5 inches in diameter. Place in fridge 30 minutes to 1 hr.

Once dough has chilled, unwrap the plastic from the dough. Re-fold the plastic loosely folded over the dough to create a square so that the dough is still inside the plastic wrap. You'll want the square to be roughly the size you want the dough to be when it's rolled out.

Roll out dough to the diameter that you want. The plastic wrap makes it a lot easier to roll out because the dough can't stick to the counter or the rolling pin.

Once you have the dough to the diameter that you want, un-fold the top potion of the dough but leaving the bottom of the dough still on top of the plastic wrap. Slide your hand underneath the bottom of the plastic wrap and flip the exposed side into the bottom of you your pie plate. Then remove the rest of the plastic wrap.

Fold the edges of the dough to start creating the crust. If some parts don't have a lot of dough, I just peel off sections where there is a lot of excess dough and stick them to the portions that don't have a lot of dough. Once all the edges are folded down, I go back and crimp the crust with me finger to form a crust.

Makes one 9-inch pie crust.