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Breakfast Muffins (Stuffed with Eggs, Bacon, and Cheese)

Breakfast Muffins Stuffed with Eggs, Bacon, and Cheese

When we were little, my mom used to buy these buttermilk biscuits that were stuffed with eggs, cheese, and bacon. They were some obscure brand that we bought a CostCo and I've never quite found other versions that quite were like them. So when I saw this recipe, I knew that I had to try them. And they're made in muffin tins, so how fun is that!

While I was making these, my boyfriend walked into the kitchen and looked at me assembling everything. He asked me what I was doing and then said, "Wouldn't it be easier and less time if you just made them all separate and just eat it together?" It took me a bit to respond because, really, he's right and his thought process makes sense. But this is how I want to make them and they still taste good. :-)

I doused my muffins with hot sauce, so next time I might try adding hot sauce inside the biscuits as well as maybe adding some chopped green chile! That's a New Mexican to the core. :-)

I also had every intention of freezing the leftovers and warming them in the microwave before heading off to school/work. But these were gone by the end of the weekend. We had them for breakfast on Saturday and for lunch on Sunday. So no leftovers. Maybe next time I'll double the batch!

Breakfast Muffins Stuffed with Eggs, Bacon, and Cheese
from Yummy Mummy Club

1 package of Pillsbury Biscuits (10 large biscuits)
5 slices of bacon (cooked and cut into pieces)
4 eggs scrambled
5 cheese slices
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp. water
Pepper to taste

 Preheat oven to 375F.
 Using a rolling pin or your hands flatten each biscuit.
 Top each biscuit with a spoonful of egg, a spoonful of bacon and 1/2 slice of cheese.
 Pull up on each corner to form into a ball, pressing together at the seam.
 Place in greased muffin tins.
 Lightly whisk water into egg yolk and brush over each muffin.
 Top with pepper to taste.
 Bake for 13-15 minutes.
 Let cool on baking rack and serve warm.

Yield: 10 Muffins


  1. This looks so yummy. I do what your boyfriend said and add everything at the end. Lol. Now I'm in the mood for breakfast. :)

  2. After such breakfast I wouldn't even need lunch :)

  3. These are so cute and sensational my friend - definitely a true brekkie muffin :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. How fun are these!? I need to make them asap.

  5. Try mixing it up a little. Take all the ingredients and combine in a bowl with a bit of softened cream cheese and then stuff into the biscuits. Sooo delicious! Works well with sausage too!!!!


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