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Calabacitas and Steak Hash Pile-Up

Calabacitas and Steak Hash Pile-Up

You all know that I don't like leftovers. Most of the times leftovers just seem like a sub-par version of the original (of course with exceptions, like spaghetti and soups, etc.). Now, I will also say that I've gotten a lot better. One of the perks of having someone to share meals with is that I don't have a barrage of leftovers for a week. Leftovers now mean only one meal of leftovers, which I love! Also, now being so constrained for time, leftovers are somewhat a lifesaver. Heat up dinner, eat, and on with studying!

 Leftovers remixed into a new meal are also great ways to use up leftovers. We had leftover calabacitas and steak hash for dinner the other night and I was thinking of what I could with with them. Something that's fast that could jazz them up a little bit. A pile-up! All I'd need to do is fry up a couple eggs, throw on some cheese, chile, and hot sauce then we're in business!

I made these twice in the past two weeks with the leftovers from the calabacitas and steak hash. The first time I forgot the corn in the calabacitas (hence the pictures without corn), so I remade them again with the corn the next week. And oooh.... these were good! The addition of eggs and cheese made them even more comforting and rich (a welcome for fall season knocking at our door). I'm a huge fan on pile-ups and their versatility. I'm sure there will be many more recipes with hash and pile-ups!

Calabacitas and Steak Hash Pile-Up
A Tortillas and Honey original recipe

1/2 recipe of Calabacitas and Steak Hash
4 eggs, prepared over easy (or any way you like)
1/2 c. shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 c. fire roasted New Mexico green chile (or use red chile if you have it... or use both!), optional
hot sauce, for drizzling (I like Cholula), optional
2 tortillas to serve on the side, toasted (I heat them up on top of a gas stove until there are brown marks, careful not to burn!)

To assemble:

On two plates, equally distribute the ingredients. First add the calabacitas and steak hash, then top with the fried eggs. Sprinkle the cheese on top, then smother with green/red chile. If the cheese doesn't melt, pop the plate into the microwave for 20-30 seconds until the cheese melts. Drizzle with hot sauce, if you'd like, and sop up any goodie with a tortilla.


Makes 2 large servings


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